Final Thoughts

Final thoughts from Susie Larson

For the Lord is righteous, he loves justice; upright men will see his face. – Psalm 11:7 NIV

The challenge ends tomorrow. You’ve given your heart, your body and your resources to the Live Free Challenge on behalf of victims of violence. As we resume our everyday lives, we want to leave you with some challenging words from Susie Larson’s book, Embracing Your Freedom.

We who live in industrialized nations must constantly battle the currents of ambition, selfishness, pride, self-indulgence, apathy, inoculation from pain, and desensitization to sin. We must fight against the gods of comfort, materialism, and excess, and the idea that someone else’s pain is not our problem.

Jesus, the One we follow, was thoroughly acquainted with suffering, and not accidentally so. He intentionally headed to the slums where the lepers, the poor, and the oppressed lived. He was merciful to sinners and tough on the proud. He lived, breathed, and modeled Kingdom work so we might have His example to follow.

Jesus heard the cries of the suffering; may we hear them too. He met their needs; may we follow his lead. He prayed for the sick, the wounded, the broken, and the demon possessed; may we pray as passionately as He. May the Lord Himself enlarge our capacity for courage, conviction, and compassion. May we understand the call for all of us and may our heart be strong and our eyes fixed on Jesus.


God, help me to fully embrace the truth of who I am and what I am called to. May I have the courage to face the reality of our time, to stand in the gap, and to speak the truth even when it costs me, because that’s how you lived. That’s how you loved. And I want to be like you.

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  1. Susie!
    Thanks for the reminder to not forget and to keep remembering and keep reaching out. Thanks for providing the Live Free Challenge as a way to get us involved. Blessings!

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