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If you don't have the vehicle present, but you have the registration, call your local BMW dealer and ask them to look up the color code by VIN. recaro seat, vinyl seat, cloth seat, sitzkissen, perforated, perforiert, (0203), Pearl Beige Wood Stain. some reference to the different Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Interior color codes identify interior components, such as leather seating or dashboards. Order samples of the Color and Material the actual Texture of a Material. Our BMW color chart provides close depictions of leather interior colors that are matched by OEM manufacturer color names. Order surface dyes matching the color that you want! Products, Help and Advice for the Repair and Care of Leather. * Matching vinyl is available for this range of leather. The VIN can be found at the left front dash area (seen through the windshield) or on the driver's side door pillar. Please take note of the Color Name and the Color Code before requesting samples BMW Vat Dyed Leather. Quick Links. Includes colors as far back as the 1960s (3209), Havana (735), Pergamint The hues vary slightly, but using our chart can help you better determine the color … Color: Aerosol cans cannot be shipped outside the continental United States! Following the color code is typically a forward slash, and then other digits which are not part of your color code. BMW Z3 Centre Console Restoration Tips. Ferrari, Fiat and Jaguar trim parts that vary in terminology around the world. List of paint codes from BMW with real life photos to sample the color. Posted by Chris Myron on Nov 26th 2020 This is my like 4th time buying the leather dye kit, for someone like me who really enjoys the process it is quality product to work with and the outcome is so rewarding recently dyed my entire interior of my 86 BMW from pearl beige to … Leathers For M Cars Wood Colour Charts. color matched perfectly. However, we can custom make them in any leather/vinyl content you wish; from 100% vinyl to 100% leather. This is a fantastic leather with great value. ... BMW - OYSTER Leather Seat Color TOUCH UP KITS - … Sunvisor = sonnenblend, pare soleil, domenica visiera, zonneklep. (7924), Saddle I have a '99 M Coupe in need of a minor color touchup on the seat bolster. Basis for BMW is our most economical choice in automotive leather. But most of those leather repair websites seem to use a different kind of coding system. You have came to the right place to search for that new OEM color for your car. Leather Colour Charts. (0328), Dark Silver Grey Hey Ron, what about the color code for 00M coupe black/gray interior? (0256), Stone Green Absolutely AMAZING product. The VIN is a 17 digit number printed on your registration. (0207), Llama bound carpet. Classic Dye: 1 Pint Bottle A 1-inch-by-1-inch square sample is ideal, but we can work with any shape sample that is large enough. See the actual Color and feel Convertible top = soft top, rag top, head, hood, hooding, soft window Targa top, Auto Leather & Interior Color Charts Click on your vehicle manufacturers icon from the list below to view samples of all interior colors available. Please take note of the Color Name and the Color Code before requesting samples, Used in BMW seat covers and other upholstered panels (OEM) The typical BMW color code format is three numbers like 300. BMW OYSTER Leather Color, Code LCCX. touch up your car's seat leather colors with AMAZING RESULTS! Infinite color nuances define and differentiate BMW Individual paint finishes. BMW encodes the interior trim to the VIN, so there is no interior trim code to be found. (739), Taupe Leather Seats, Door Panels, Steering Wheels, Console lids, gearshift Knobs and all trim colors. Carpet = Abetone, Dorsett, FTV, feintuft, loop, cut pile, Wilton, perlon, If you want to find an exact color match for your paneling or upholstery, you'll need to find the name and number of the tint used in your particular car. MERCEDES-B ENZ - ORION GRAY Leather Color TOUCH UP KITS - S320/SL500 /E320/ML32 0. is a registered trademark. Custom Colour Chart. Almost like new. (930), Hail Grey The only thing to be aware of, is that it will get rid of the "grain" texture of your leather depending on how many coats you have to … Finding the BMW paint color code is very easy. All of our custom BMW 325 leather kits, BMW 318 leather kits, and BMW 328 leather seat kits come with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty against any manufacturing defects. The impressive options include a ready-made range of eleven beautiful tones, from red-flecked Ruby Black Metallic to color-shifting Tanzanite Blue Metallic. Vinyl = Spradling, China General, Freudenberg, MB Tex, ambla, leathercloth, Price: $60.00 per bottle, Classic Dye: 1 Quart Bottle Touch Up Leather Coloring Kits. leinwand Leathercraft Range. Sold by the hide, half-hide or by square inch, Order surface dyes that matches the colors below, Silver Grey retractable top, vinyl top, top boot, convertibles arriba, converteerbare boven Leather Repair Kits Leather Restoration and Care Products by Leather Magic! even the leather covered fiberboard molded backs came out amazing. for a fast response. Color Code LCGE. BMW Leather interior dye colors by make and model. Colour Mixing. (3179), Pacific (0326), Beige Customers Love Us. Make Your Leather Seats Look NEW AGAIN! If the leather isn’t absorbent, you will need one of our Leather Touch Up Kits (for small areas) or a Leather Dye Kit (for larger areas) COVERAGE: One jar contains 250ml of restorer, this is enough to restore the colour of an average size 3 seater sofa. According to Alex and some researches I did the color code is indeed N6TT. rexine, hardura, ICI, vinyle, naugahyde to find an answer to your problem. Our standard ‘Black Leather Dye - F034’ is a good match for Black BMW interiors and hence no additional colour mixing charge will be applicable. (0515), Sand Beige List of paint codes from BMW with real life photos to sample the color. (3171), Marine Please take note of the Color Name and the Color Code before requesting samples BMW OEM Vinyl. See 2020 BMW X3 Color Options, Color Chart, Color Codes and Interior Colors for sDrive30i, xDrive30i, xDrive30e, M40i. you can find exactly the help you need. Each color displayed may be clicked for more information regarding vehicle year and model applications of Weir, cuoio, split bottle of our OEM COLOR MATCHED LEATHER COLORANT, with a color sample swatch attached to confirm the color & finish matches. I have found a site. (0226), Indigo 1/2 Hides - All colors available in perforated. (1708), Dark Charcoal You'll receive a 2 oz. Quantity: It was not cheap (around 2k) but way cheaper than all-new leather seat covers. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. embossed, sitzpolsterung, imbottitura sedile, asiento tapizado Notes: Don't miss a thing! Problem Solver. Seating = seat kit, upholstery kit, leather upholstery, sport seat, It is a corrected, printed top grain hide that has been re-tanned to soften its hand, while maintaining superior durability. Custom blended leather dye matched to the VIN of your vehicle. Over the years, different terminologies have been used for the same parts. Every color is the perfect complement to an expression of individuality. If you're looking to buy a Z4 Roadster or Coupe in the near future, you should definitely take the time to think about what type of interior fabric and colors you'd prefer for your new car. Most of these websites show BMW color codes like: Dove Gray 436, Light Silver Gray 438...etc. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The above Z4 interiors show the wide spectrum of color options available for those who like their car to have a bit of a personality. Note: When you click "ADD TO CART" you will be prompted to enter the VIN # of the vehicle, any available interior color code, and a description of the leather color.This form is attached to the order and used to help ensure an exact match. Email us. subscribe now. (917), Cafe (1704), Titanium Grey With our Help Centre. Carpet = rug, rugs, carpet kit, carpet set, molded carpet, cut and BMW offered a limited number of leather colors with only three non-leatherRead More Topping = Happich, Stafast, STF, Aresma, Sonnendeck, Sunfast, dobby, lienzo, Trustpilot. Created for painting BMW leather, vinyl and plastic, ColorBond L, V & HP Refinisher quickly penetrates upholstery surfaces to create a molecular bond that seals in color. (1709), Champagne (0254), Classic Red Automotive Leather Colour Charts. Back in the 90s, car manufacturers offered lots of extravagant leather types and color combinations. (2315), Grey (0209), Lotus White I need to touch up the side bolster (gray area). Trunk = boot, Leather = hide, side, skin, cowhide, leder, cuero, Connolly, Roser, Bridge 5851 Cloverdale Rd, Roanoke, VA 24019, United States. i am sending a peice of my nappa leather from my m3 to leatherique so they can match it... i will post on the thread when i get the product... A forum community dedicated to BMW owners and enthusiasts. Related Articles Recipe for the ultimate BMW E46 M3. I have a '99 M Coupe in need of a minor color touchup on the seat bolster. All BMW Leather Dyes are mixed to order and as per the leather sample we have in our collection. almohadilla JavaScript is disabled. I can’t say enough about this service. $27.95: Time left: 27d 13h 33m. (0231), Cream Aerosol Cans Come join the discussion about Bimmerfest events, production numbers, programming, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! touch up your car's seat leather colors with AMAZING RESULTS! However I don't know the color code for the leather on the e36 mstripe or even the black bmw uses. Seat Pad =  rubber fiber pad, foam pad, gummihaarauflage, To minimize I have bought Gliptone leather care as an ongoing cleaner and conditioner because of how nice these seats are, but for the dye Gliptone has Anthracite and Black (Schwarz) - … Panels = door panels, linings, trimmings, coverings, sun visor, sunvisor, There are also examples of BMW Z1 seats covered in a combination of smooth leather & nubuck leather. Bringing the BMW community together. Selected from European raw material. (742), Black (0202), Black A description of the leather color is always helpful. (0255), Cardinal Red (0235), Parchment ... Color Code: 445 . I bought this for my BMW 5 series with Oyster leather. To find the perfect BMW leather dye for your automobile, consider using our BMW color chart. Just send us a sample of your vehicle’s interior leather. Seat & leather types Roadster Coupe ///M Color codes (references) The Z3 was no exception! If you want to find an exact colour match for your panelling or upholstery, you'll need to find the name and number of the tint used in your particular car. (7990), Classic Dye: 12 oz. The site lists three different "blacks"; Charcoal - 0519, Black - 917, and Jet Black - 0523. (2034), Natural Smooth BMW, like most manufacturers, has made small changes to both the interior and exterior colour options on their vehicles over the years. tufted, automatico de alfombras, teppich, tapijt, tapis (2394), Red Leather for BMW, Land Rover, Mini Cooper, Saab and Volvo. BMW Cream Beige Leather Color. BMW Interior Color charts for all models and years. (1707), Jet Black ColorBond BMW Leather, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher makes refinishing upholstery of all types easy and inexpensive. BMW Basis. I have found a site Leather World Technologies that sells color matched BMW dye, but I do not know the exact color code of the interior. I have to say, they came out WAY better than expected. Specify leather dye color code and name when ordering auto leather dyes. (0394), Sand 470 : Available in southern Europe as a non individual exterior color; A52 : New color since September 2007 on the BMW Z4; As you can see above, the Z4 is available in a spectrum of beautifully unique color choices.It might be difficult to find a comparable selection of color options available when searching for reception chairs, sofas or other furniture. (0228), Natural The BMW E46 M3 was produced from 2000 thru 2006 with a total production run of 85,744 units worldwide. Price: $90.00 per bottle. bottle of OEM color-matched leather colorant. (0198), Nutria seals, gaskets, dichtungsrahmen BMW, like most manufacturers, has made small changes to both the interior and exterior color options on their vehicles over the years. Sealing = rubber seals, weatherstrips, weatherseals, door seals, window The lsit below are all OEM colors with paint codes provided by the manufacture. If you need to touch up or replace these interior components, knowing the Mercedes interior color code or color will be useful. Use the paint code to order BMW touch up paint. The BMW E46 M3 was only produced in a coupe and convertible options as the sedan option was dropped from the previous E36 M3. LEXUS/TOYO TA - EBONY GRAY Leather Seat Color Touch Up Kits - color code LA10. sonnenblenden, headliner, himmel bespannung, encabezando Mercedes Benz uses individual codes to describe the colors on different parts of their vehicles. You have came to the right place to search for that new OEM color for your car. (0206), Gobi you are considering. Price: $22.00 per can. This guy is … Location of BMW Paint Code on a Color ID Tag: For the color ID tag above, the color code is 300. confusion we've collected many of the different names to give customers The color is spot on, and it has been on there for a month or two and it is staying on just fine. Touch Up Leather Coloring Kits. Standard Colours. If you are unable to get a color name because of your car’s age (or any other reason), we can use our custom color-matching process to help determine the interior color of your car.

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