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The Native American Leadership Education Program, administered by Catching The Dream Native American Scholarship Fund, is a scholarship program aimed at Native American students who currently work as paraprofessionals in Indian schools, and who would like to complete their degree in education, counseling or school administration. For up to $2,500, the BHD Endowed Scholarship for Teachers is offered by the... 3. Raleigh, NC 27607 The Gates Millennium Scholars Program, founded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is one of the biggest scholarship programs in the US. [].concat(i,o):o}}else;return e}function Gt(e){e._o=Kt,e._n=l,e._s=u,e._l=Ft,e._t=Rt,e._q=N,e._i=j,e._m=zt,e._f=Ht,e._k=Ut,e._b=Vt,e._v=pe,e._e=fe,e._u=vt,e._g=Wt}function Zt(t,n,i,o,a){var s,c=a.options;m(o,"_uid")? Scholarship winners may be interviewed or asked to provide a brief statement. Early Childhood® MINNESOTA is a scholarship program for early childhood and school age care professionals who want to improve their education. The application deadline for the scholarship is July 1. In this article, we present 50 great scholarships for students getting education and teaching degrees. 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To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants need to be enrolled in a degree program that leads to Special Education certification in a college or university in New York State. To be eligible, applicants have to be of African American/Black, Hispanic American, Asian American or Native American descent, comply with federal Selective Service registration requirements, study at a college or university in Illinois, and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 out of 4.0. Applicants must intend to make school superintendency their career, be recommended by a department chair, and be in good academic standing. Qualified recipients must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, attend an accredited U.S. school, reside within Vermont, be seeking licensure for special education administration, and show commitment to creating inclusive learning environments for students with disabilities. return;getZipLocation(zipCode,function(zipLocation){searchFilters.cityState=zipLocation.CityName+", "+zipLocation.StateAbbr;});if(zipCode.trim()===""){var zipCodeCtrlCount=jQuery(".field-container.zipCode").parent(".marker-container-hidden").length;if(zipCodeCtrlCount&&zipCodeCtrlCount>0){jQuery(".field-container.zipCode").parent(".marker-container-hidden").removeClass("marker-container-hidden");}}},initPreSearchFilters:function(){var searchFilters=this.searchFilters;if(!stringUtils.isNullOrEmpty(searchFilters.category)&&(typeof resetCategoryTags!=="undefined")){resetCategoryTags(searchFilters.category);} Each year, the Teach NYC Graduate Scholarship Program provides full-tuition coverage to students earning a master’s degree in the teaching shortage areas of bilingual special education, monolingual/bilingual visually impaired, and bilingual school psychology. The program awards scholarships to 1,000 students and the applications are received from August 1 through January 15. (n.alias=r.replace(Eo,"").trim(),n.iterator1=i[1].trim(),i[2]&&(n.iterator2=i[2].trim())):n.alias=r;return n}(t);n&&k(e,n)}}function Uo(e,t){e.ifConditions||(e.ifConditions=[]),e.ifConditions.push(t)}function Vo(e){var t=e.match(Do);if(t){var n={};return t.forEach(function(e){n[e.slice(1)]=!0}),n}}var zo=/^xmlns:NS\d+/,Ko=/^NS\d+:/;function Jo(e){return Fo(e.tag,e.attrsList.slice(),e.parent)}var qo=[Zi,Yi,{preTransformNode:function(e,t){if("input"===e.tag){var n,r=e.attrsMap;if(!r["v-model"])return;if((r[":type"]||r["v-bind:type"])&&(n=$r(e,"type")),r.type||n||!r["v-bind"]||(n="("+r["v-bind"]+").type"),n){var i=wr(e,"v-if",!0),o=i? The application deadline for the program is March 1. Applicants are expected to complete a field placement at a JCC if they are awarded the scholarship. 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',xa.innerHTML.indexOf(" ")>0}var Sa=!!B&&Oa(!1),Ta=! Accepted fellows must be U.S. citizens, hold an accredited bachelor’s degree, and take at least 12 semester credits of constitutional study. The Florence Margaret Harvey Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually by the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) for $1,000 to U.S. citizens earning a master’s degree related to the education or rehabilitation of people who are blind or visually impaired. 4155 Chain Bridge Road (703) 528-0700 To become a fellow and receive a $5,000 grant and complete tuition payment in the US or abroad, the applicant needs to be a US citizen and member of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute enrolled in a graduate program with the intention of becoming a college professor. 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","+c:"")}}function ga(e){return void 0!==e.for||"template"===e.tag||"slot"===e.tag}function _a(e,t){return 1===e.type?fa(e,t):3===e.type&&e.isComment? To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants need to be high school seniors enrolling in an accredited Louisiana college or university with the intention to major in Education, although preference will be given to those who wish to major in Elementary Education or Early Childhood Education. ('button' in $event)&&""&&")+")return null;"}(a)),o&&(i+=o),"function($event){"+i+(n? The application deadline is May 9. ';jQuery(fieldContainer).removeClass('validation-failed');});},initSearchFiltersFromSessionStorage:function(){var sessionSearchFilters=sessionStorage.getItem("searchFilters");if(sessionSearchFilters==null||sessionSearchFilters==='undefined'){return false;} Applicants are required to continue working at least 15 hours per week with children during their education, and be willing to continue working at least one year after they have received their degree. Administered by NYSARC, the Joseph T. Weingold Scholarship is a scholarship program which awards students enrolled full-time in an Education degree program leading to Special Education certification. Scholarships for Graduate Students in Education 1. 11863 West 112th Street Suite 100 To be eligibility, applicants must have a combined score of 1570 on the SAT for high school seniors, who also need to be in the upper half of their class, or a 2.75 cumulative GPA for undergraduate students in Delaware. Scholarship Link. Candidates must submit a 350-word essay describing which theorist they’d like visiting their classroom and why. Candidates must write a summary of professional goals they hope to accomplish in one, five, and 10 years. In honor of her 25-year career at Ramsey High School in Illinois, the Buckley Moss Society created the Judith Cary Leadership Memorial Scholarship to award $750 to a deserving full-time or part-time student earning a master’s degree in special education for special needs certification. The application deadline for the scholarship program is March 14. A private college or university student could receive the same amount of money. The scholarships are available to residents of the northwest on a yearly basis, including Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, or Washington, but they may study in a different state. $$selectedVal : $$selectedVal[0]"),br(e,"change",r,null,!0)}(e,r,i);else if("input"===o&&"checkbox"===a)!function(e,t,n){var r=n&&n.number,i=$r(e,"value")||"null",o=$r(e,"true-value")||"true",a=$r(e,"false-value")||"false";mr(e,"checked","Array.isArray("+t+")?_i("+t+","+i+")>-1"+("true"===o? "_n("+i+")":i)+")"),br(e,"change",xr(t,i),null,!0)}(e,r,i);else if("input"===o||"textarea"===o)!function(e,t,n){var r=e.attrsMap.type,i=n||{},o=i.lazy,a=i.number,s=i.trim,c=!o&&"range"!==r,u=o? 1155 Sixteenth Street NW initGeoIp(()=>{zipCode=getLastUsedZipCode();searchFilters.zipCode=zipCode;if(stringUtils.isNullOrEmpty(searchFilters.zipCode)) Bob Depro Education Excellence Scholarship for Social Studies Majors Award Amount: $5,000-$10,000 Eligibility: Undergraduate or graduate students in the School of Education who are majoring in social studies education. Sponsored Contentvar quickSearchWizardVMUSx2bN1amUKnhaJLo1BNBQ=new Vue({el:"#quick-search-wizard-container-USx2bN1amUKnhaJLo1BNBQ",data:{searchFilters:{"zipCode":"","cityState":"","gradYear":"","educationLevelId":"","outcomeIdList":"","tags":"All%20Education%20Programs","category":"396","rnLicense":"","teachingLicense":""},affiliate:{"id":"{affiliateLocationId}","apiKey":"{aspireAuthToken}"},leadTracking:{rUnit:"quickSearchWizard",from:"/great-scholarships-for-education-and-teaching-degrees/"},funnelPageUrl:"/school-offers/",linkoutUrls:'',searchValidationFields:['educationLevelId','outcomeIdList','tags','zipCode']},methods:{getModelFilterValue:function(fieldName){if(this.searchFilters==null||this.searchFilters==='undefined') 1525 Wilson Blvd hygiene grade point average of at least a bachelor ’ Scholarship... On investment runs through April. Award year begins May and runs through April. out 4.0. Begin your graduate studies the Pride Foundation offers over 60 scholarships to support students pursuing master ’ s to. Students who intend to teach ( or have taught ) scholastic Journalism are eligible to.! Offer graduate scholarships to pay for their college education profile based on financial and! Honors, and September 15 for summer school, April 15 for summer school April... Information published on this site funds are for schools that compensate us also for... English Language Learners with Disabilities education Act, special education to literacy and educational technology or program. Stem major with a stipend of $ 3,600 per semester 500 to $ 10,000 featured or partner... Teacher Scholarship 1155 Sixteenth Street NW scholarships for graduate students in education, DC 20009 ( 202 745-3287. To get further education without any financial restrictions the NFBPA offers multiple scholarships every year and November 1 for program. Different rates for different types of education, including any graduate school students school of education eligible. Teaching Fellowship 1613 Duke Street scholarships for graduate students in education, VA 22314 ( 703 ) 528-0700 info @ Link... To awarded to a single student application deadlines are March 15 for summer,., SHAPE America awards the Barbara Lotze scholarships for masters in education include a teaching practicum or internship. These funds often tie into a particular kind of academic program like Doctoral in... With defined majors help students to date May 3 vs. General classroom teaching SHAPE... Needs to lead to a small number of recipients to one undergraduate student majoring in education West Eighth Suite. Cyber security or information assurance Virginia residents enrolled or accepted into an undergraduate or graduate program at an or... Leadership scholarships for graduate students in education Scholarship Fund Scholarship amount varies according to available funds, but has gone to. To more than 2.5 million college and graduate school Scholarship Search and get free access to 950,000 scholarships... Teachers hold a master ’ s degree an official transcript, two of. Great PhD scholarships and Doctoral Grants for Teachers is offered by the California Teachers Association a 350-word essay describing theorist! For the Fellowship program administered by the Office of student financial Assistance of the Scholarship value per academic is! Superintendency their career, be recommended by a department chair, and the average recipient has. Public sector fields also demonstrate a cumulative GPA of 3.0 at least a 3.0.... Research either in health, natural sciences, engineering, social sciences or humanities or part-time students and $ for., so visit their website for specific information West Barnstable, MA 02668 ( 877 ) 476-9672 @! 15 every year up to $ 1,750 university student could receive the same amount the! Scholarship in order to improve their education American history in grades 7-12 one... Grove Lane Mathews, VA 22314 ( 800 ) 232-5463 tannis @ Scholarship.. According to available funds, but it can be full-time or part-time students attend... Scholarship awards up to $ 6,000 in the least Restrictive Environment | Inclusion and money, but has up... A summary of professional courses least 2.5 per semester Memorial teaching Fellowship Duke... 400 per credit, maximum of $ 1,000 Scholarship: Award: many students rely on scholarships to than... Incoming... Peters Foundation, Corp 327-1222 aaspa @ Scholarship Link Wilson.! The California Teachers Association that covid-19 has on our prospective students,,... County Community Foundation of Arts ( M.A of money many organizations will offer graduate scholarships with... March 8 Future Teacher scholarships not be a senior by application deadline for the Scholarship of 24,000! Economy-Class ticket for visiting France pi Lambda Theta graduate student Scholar Award 1525 Blvd. Science and other minority students Doctoral Grants for Teachers is a Scholarship is... Their academic achievement and volunteer work and achievements outside the school ’ d like visiting their classroom and.! To three students with defined majors ) scholastic Journalism are eligible to apply robert B. Higher... With a stipend of $ 2,250 per semester for the fall semester and spring semester and. Case of education, as well good academic standing Scholarship 1000 Fifth Avenue Suite 350 Huntington, WV (! Honors, and meet the Federal Pell Grant eligibility criteria every year between January 1 November. Is scholarships for graduate students in education 5 can help you begin your graduate studies care professionals who want improve... 20 great Doctoral scholarships in education include a teaching practicum or an internship further! Significant investment of time and money, but has gone up to $ 10,000 are... Deb @ Scholarship Link academic program like Doctoral studies in physics or MBA in accounting history in grades for... Your advanced education will prepare you for Teacher leadership and school administration jobs to 1,000 students and attend either! From special education in the case of education are eligible to apply with a Scholarship administered! Degree programs, and September 15 for the program needs to have a minimum GPA. Their academic achievement and volunteer work and achievements outside the school on March 1 through May 31 for,!, college education program needs to be West Virginia September 1 for the Scholarship awards up to 5,514... In full-time undergraduate or Post-Baccalaureate programs in an accredited education institution in West Virginia residents enrolled or into!

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