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Consider your footwork drills to be the table tennis equivalent of music scales practice. Last updated 2 days ago. 1 Backhand, 1 Forehand. from intermediate to semi-professional. Forehand (Middle), Forehand (Wide) 3. I believe everyone has the potential to become an expert at table tennis. If you are serious about improving your match results you need to start adding some specific serve and return drills into your training. In it, he demonstrates the “1 Backhand, 1 Forehand” drill, also known as the “Forehand & Backhand Combination Rally”. Today’s drill is a footwork drill and I’ve found a video of the Indian National Team training in Preston, UK, in the lead up to the London 2012 Olympics. Once you have mastered this forehand technique, the next step is to move onto the back hand counter-hit. Position your body about two feet from the table. Backhand, Forehand (Middle), Backhand, Forehand (Wide) For the rest of the article, I’ll briefly run through each of these basic footwork drills sharing demonstration videos and some top tips. Drill # 1: Shuffle Drill. FH loop 3. offensive - footwork. It’s important that you are able to complete these drills with control, consistency, and correct stroke technique. how to improve service and after service footwork. Drill 51 - Crossover Footwork - Multiball (2:07) Drill 52 - Forehand Backspin Long Serve (3:12) Drill 53 - Backhand Push Rally (1:42) ... Move 2/3 table width while shadowing your FH drive stroke. This drill is done by starting from your base position, move from a backhand … # Have a knock with somebody, playing anywhere on the table. Multiball Drill 001: Open Up, Counter Topspin, Repeat. I was asked by Javier Chong what physical training drills he can use with the players he coaches to improve their physical ability for footwork. Importance of Practice. This footwork pattern is used when you are close to the table and therefore needs to be fast and economical. The idea of this exercise is consistency. Table Tennis Footwork. To move from the backhand side to the wide forehand side, you cross your leg foot wide to the right side. This because these attributes do not come by magic but by adequate and effective training with footwork drills. Of all the physical fitness tests … Basic Table Tennis Drills. Here are a few backhand footwork drills that I love: Drill #1 (beginner level) The blocker gives you one ball to the middle and one ball to the backhand; you continuously attack to the backhand. Here’s another video from Coach Tao Li’s Table Tennis University training program. offensive - footwork. In this video, Tao demonstrates the correct footwork to use when transitioning between forehand and backhand strokes. Welcome to the Expert Table Tennis Drill Database! You now have to combine your strokes with footwork. ... <– Back to: Table Tennis Drills. And this in itself will win you more games. I love to share things related to table tennis in this blog. My final advice is to be courteous to your partner. Short Footwork Drills: Short footwork drills should focus on small changes in body position. You stand about a table length apart with a dodgeball and chest pass to each other. The first step that you need to … This drill is quite similar to the counterhit (same area of the table), except one partner is now looping the ball while the other proceeds to block. It’s one of the fundamental techniques in table tennis that every player should learn first. It’s assumed here that you have pretty good technique and control of your shots. I’d really appreciate your help! The following video drills are taken from The Professional Bundle of online table tennis training offered by Coach Tao Li - exclusive to! In it, he demonstrates a simple drill you can use without a partner to improve your side shuffle footwork. I spent a lot of time as a kid doing the “one to the middle, one either side” drill. Looking for ping-pong drills that are easy to remember but still work well? I created The Expert Table Tennis Academy to coach you along the path to expertise by breaking down the physical, technical, tactical, and mental skills you’ll need to develop in order to achieve success. How to Add Random Drills Into Your Practice. Multiball is a high-intensity form of table tennis training invented by the Chinese. When moving to the left or the right, you should always move your outside foot first. Footer. I said they were simple… 1. Table Tennis Footwork Drills. The best place to start is my FREE eBook, The Table Tennis Playbook. Drill 1 – The Forehand/Backhand Counter-Hit The counter-hit is the most common practice drill for table tennis players both beginner and advanced. My name is Ben Larcombe and Im a table tennis coach from London. “Small exchange”: The small transition around the center of gravity. This drill will help you establish the base movement. Here are some drills you can try on your own. Footwork is very important. The Chinese players always start of the training session by Forehand-to-Forehand warm up. Here are some basic table tennis drills for beginners and improvers. How to practice footwork shadows in a better way ? A few extra forehands can be added in to perform the ‘4-point forehand’ drill with four forehands played from: middle, backhand, middle, wide (repeat) 3. FH chop against side+top spin. A table tennis blog that you will find it is useful for you. When performing footwork drills by yourself, keep in mind that you are trying to groove in the correct movements of your feet and body, rather than just getting a workout. These drills are more game-like and involve many adjustments with the feet, torso, and hand. I’m hoping that over time this page will prove to be a very valuable resource. This is the Chinese training method to improve the agility of the footwork in table tennis. 2 Backhands, 2 Forehands. Krishna Narula Asked 3 days ago. This shadow training will help you improve quickly the footwork and the stroke mechanism in table tennis. This is another popular warm up drill. Drill # 3: Crossover Footwork. If the partner is overwhelmed I'll limit my returns to one half of the table (their strong side). While it’s fun to play matches and compete, well-chosen drills will. All of the above table tennis tips and practice drills will help you to become more consistent. But, whilst consistency of strokes is important, the above practice drills don't involve much movement, particularly the side to side movement which usually occurs during a table tennis … We are a bunch of guys and some girls who love to play table tennis at one of our members' backyard. In this drill you are hitting the ball from the right side of the table to the opponent’s right hand side of the table (diagonally). So starting from the Ready Position , to move from the backhand to the forehand (for a right-hander), you move your left foot first, then your right foot, then your left foot again and then your right. … Drill # 2: In and Out Step. Following certain techniques and practicing proper footwork patterns can help ensure that your hands and feet move together in a rhythm and […] Which exercises or drills should I do to improve speed of footwork . from beginner to advanced. Here they are! HOWEVER ... Write about your footwork in warmup, footwork in drills, footwork in match play, footwork in tournaments. See how well Zhang Jike rotates his waist to generate the spin of the ball. In Table Tennis you move to the ball; in Ping Pong, you reach for the ball, and you always lose to the "Table Tennis Player." Below is a video taken from Coach Tao Li’s Table Tennis University training program. I began playing table tennis at the age of 10, back in 1999, and Ive loved the sport from then on. If you are lucky enough to own a table tennis robot, there are lots of drills you can practice. Start off as slow as you need to in order to get the movements right. Here’s a nice graphic displaying three straightforward irregular table tennis drills from Table Tennis England. The need for these attributes makes tennis drills, especially footwork, drills a necessity. Topspin technique with footwork. As a player I … I’ve been playing and coaching table tennis for almost 20 years and I would suggest that table tennis drills should make up at least 50% of your table time. Drill # 4: Serving Footwork. Footwork is very important in table tennis. Resist the temptation to do things your way, or else you will regret it later when you have to correct your bad habits. The rule is, to keep the pace, as soon as you catch the ball you have to throw it again, so it's more a quick catch and release. In this drill you are hitting the ball from the right side of the table to the opponent’s right hand side of the table (diagonally). Then using the left foot as a pivot, shift your weight to your left foot. For the basis of this article, I am going to talk about two specific drills which are particularly beneficial for the beginning table tennis player. Side to Side footwork. This is very similar to the forehand, except that you are hitting the ball from the left side of the table (rather than the right) using your backhand instead of your forehand. On this page are links to hundreds of different table tennis drills that will train every area of your game. The more you practice this drill the easier it becomes and you will find you and your partner will have long rallies hitting the ball to one another. This stage, you can feel the ball, and the spin is the most important here. Many players have trouble at their middle transition point, so they might do random in the backhand 2/3 side of the table. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find an evenly matched partner that wants to practice drills with you. Repeat it every day! Im 23 years old and this is my second year as a full-time coach. The spider run is tennis’ version of the shuttle run. Thus, Tennis Footwork Drills are exercises you train with that helps to … Try to be considerate by allocating a certain time for each player to practice their warm up drills. If you’re unsure what the forehand loop is then I would strongly suggest you read this before continuing. It goes without saying that the best way to practice table tennis is on the table with a partner. You can pass straight forward or a little to the left or right to bring in some footwork. From my own experience, I find that most players have their own personal preference on what type of drills they wish to practice. Here are some basic table tennis drills for beginners and improvers. In this article we are going to get more specific and look at the different types of drills you can practice during your training. Spider Run Test. If you feel that these drills are too simplistic or too undemanding then I suggest you read my article on higher level table tennis drills. Your email address will not be published. defensive - technique. Everyone agrees that footwork is important in table tennis. Footwork drills on the table are one part of developing as a player but there is a lot of physical training which goes into developing as a great player. I've gathered together a number of simple but effective table tennis drills, that don't require a Masters degree to remember but still get the job done. Random Footwork Drills These drills are completely random full table or random in a specified zone. It contains 18 drills with an almost unlimited number of possible variations. In our previous article we covered the different methods you can conduct table tennis training in order to improve your game. Once you have mastered the basic counter-hit it is time to practice one of the fundamental shots in table tennis – the forehand loop. The players are Subhajit Saha (#243) and Pathik Mehta (#NR). This ultimate tutorial is complete, which combines 4 PingSunday’s video about the footwork technique lessons.These are the table tennis footwork basics, based on the Chinese footwork drills. Backhand, Forehand (Wide), Backhand, Forehand (Middle) The final and third fundamental footwork drill is a favorite of mine. It’s important that you are able to complete these drills with control, consistency, and correct stroke technique. The maximum benefit from this drill is achieved when the blocker and the looper are consistently getting the ball on the table. For that matter, proper footwork exercises are very important in mastering the art of table tennis. please tell some fitness exercises except shadows. I would recommend spending at least 2 minutes counter-hitting and 3 minutes looping for each partner (5 minutes each for backhand and forehand). If you have a favourite table tennis drill that isn’t listed on this page then please get in touch and let me know so I can add it. Backhand, Forehand 2. A good exercise for this is the multiple point forehand where the controller starts with the first ball wide on the forehand and gradually shifts the placement across the table to the backhand corner over as many strokes as they can manage (5-8 is normal). Table Tennis Drills. However, many amateur players only ever play matches. Table tennis is a type of sport that requires swift movements in order to make good strokes. Footwork (along with spin) is the difference between "Ping Pong" and "Table Tennis." Every player must learn the “shuffle step” by moving both feet simultaneously. The X's and H's drill is one that most table tennis players will probably have performed at some point in their training. For further practice on your forehand loop you can then move around to the backhand side and use your forehand loop against your partner’s backhand. Today, we learn the 4 main footwork patterns in table tennis. The counter-hit is the most common practice drill for table tennis players both beginner and advanced. So to practice "footwork", I'll go with very simple drills that have strong elements of randomness. Your email address will not be published. Drill #1. Hello and welcome to The Table Tennis Playbook! Required fields are marked *. As the name suggests, your legs cross over each other for you to reach and catch the oncoming ball at a faster pace. I am Warren. Using the Chinese drills, coach EmRatThich explains the best way to train quick, correct and precise footwork in table tennis. Don’t spend 10 minutes looping yourself and forget to give your partner a turn. Footwork in table tennis is not something that most of us do correctly as a matter of course, instead it is something that must be thought about, and then practised diligently. Professional players spend 3-4 hours every day working on drills.

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